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The unity brand

Rooted In 3D

Our brand identity comes alive where the three axes of technology (X axis), creators (Y axis), and experiences (Z axis) unite.

The Unity cube symbolizes this convergence, from which we support and celebrate the world’s creators.

Unity Logo
The building blocks for endless possibilities


Our extensive product ecosystem addresses every aspect of creating and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) experiences across multiple devices and industries.

Friendly Humble Clear

Tone of voice
Our brand voice is relatable, confident, and encouraging. It embraces creativity, acknowledges challenges, nurtures the community, and relishes creator achievements. The way we address our community, partners, and the world reflects our values.
Our visual language

A Living Brand

The Unity brand is a manifestation of the power of real-time technology – it mirrors the evolving, transformative experiences our creators forge. Our graphical language is always alive and in motion, bringing the brand’s dynamic identity to life.

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